OOO LANGAN LOGISTIK is currently expanding its international storage facilities for petroleum products, We own tank storage facilities in the Novorossiysk Region and operate several tank storage facilities in other parts of the Russian Federation such as Tuapse, Nakhodka, Primorsk, and Vladivostok.

We also operate in the Netherlands and United States Through our affiliated offices in Rotterdamn and Houston, which is the effective use of its own products, but also offers additional revenue. Our tank farm includes amphibious tanks, underground storage of petroleum products and storage aboveground. T

his is provided by our foreign service domaestic and storage of petroleum products. OOO LAGAN LOGISTIK tank farms mainly stores products such as diesel fuel D2, mazut fuel oil, jet fuel and other petrochemical gaseous substances. Our tank farms in the international market of bunkering is about 14 OOO LAGAN LOGISTIK tank farms, which are located warehouses in all major ports Russian Federation.

As the Russian and International grow, the global demand for energy products also increases. There is presently a growing geographic imbalance between areas of production and areas of consumption of petroleum and petrochemical products.

This leads to a constant transport of crude oil, petroleum and petrochemical products over ever longer distances globally. At the same time, markets and product flows constantly change, in response to more ambitious climate change policies, to geopolitical and economic fluctuations and to the development of new energy sources and cleaner fuels. The result is a growing demand for storage and handling of bulk liquids and gases at key locations along global marine trade routes.

We are international oil tank farms brokers with years of experience and resources around the world, we are able to satisfy a wide range of storage needs, and sale of crude oil and petroleum products for both buyers and sellers. Our staff in our office have the knowledge and experience as brokers, as well as professional and technology team, financial and administrative staff to help you achieve your product as soon as possible.


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