Our Company policy sets out the business standards expected by OOO LAGAN LOGISTIK and provides a clear set of rules for all colleagues. OOO LAGAN LOGISTIK has built a great business the right way and every colleague should demonstrate the highest ethics.

OOO LAGAN LOGISTIK's business model is built on a sustainable and successful business model for our customers, colleagues, partners and investors.

It is imperative that our success is delivered in the right way, doing the right things. The highest standards of integrity are required at OOO LAGAN LOGISTIK and this Code provides total clarity on what these standards are. The Code of Conduct is the DNA of Sage business, professional and personal conduct. This Code of Conduct clearly sets out clear standards of behavior for everyone in our organization. The Code demonstrates that OOO LAGAN LOGISTIK will operate responsibly and in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Specifically OOO LAGAN LOGISTIKS will:

Promote ethical business practice and trade ethically; complying with all relevant laws and regulations
Behave fairly with colleagues, customers and partners
Provide a safe route for colleagues to highlight non-compliance or concerns
This is not a tick box exercise but a vital part of the way Sage must operate in order to build a high quality, high integrity business for the long term.


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