Our Board of Directors of our Tank Farm OOO LAGAN LOGISTIK is responsible for the ultimate direction, strategic supervision of all operations at the terminals and control of the management of our Tank Farm, as well as other matters which are under its responsibility.

Our board members have extensive knowledge of many areas of our business. With professional experience across the industry it’s through the blend of diversity and high-level expertise that the Board of Directors makes an important contribution in leading OOO LAGAN LOGISTIK in a complex and fast-changing environment.

The Executive Committee, under the cuurrent leadership, is responsible for areas of operational management that are not specifically reserved to the Board of Directors. With the experience in the Company, the Executive Committee members bring a wealth of industry knowledge. They meet on a monthly basis at our terminals around the world. Our leadership is accountable for the responsible conduct of the business and our long-term success. It also represents the interests in ensuring that we deliver by putting inovation at the heart of everything we do.

In addition, the Non-Executive Directors are responsible for exercising independent and objective judgement and for scrutinising and challenging management. The Board is responsible for setting our strategy and policies, oversight of risk and corporate governance and monitoring progress towards meeting our annual plans. It is accountable to our shareholders for the proper conduct of the business and our long-term success and represents the interests of all stakeholders. The Board has delegated some of its powers to four principal committees and the CEO.

Senior Executive Team: In addition to the Board of Directors, our Senior Executive Team, or SET, is the body through which our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) exercises the authority delegated to him by the Board. Our CEO leads the SET and has executive responsibility for the management, development and performance of the business. The Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and SET also take the lead in developing our strategy for review, constructive challenge and approval by the Board as part of our annual strategy review process.

We are evolving our approach and developing a roadmap that will ensure we effectively address the most fundamental issues for our business and for society. Our sustainability governance framework includes our sustainability strategy, aims, goals and supporting policies. We are working continuously to ensure these are embedded in the way we operate. Our robust governance model ensures we deliver, monitor and report progress on delivering the framework.

Confirming our priorities: We initiated a refresh of our materiality assessment. We are using the assessment to refine our priorities and confirm our strategy, as we develop a roadmap towards further embedding sustainability into the DNA of our company



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